Stray Foundation in Dahab arose from an initiative of Michel and Job. They have been visiting Dahab for several years and since 2009 they own some holiday apartments. When purchasing the second apartment they decided to contribute a part of their rental income to the welfare of animals in Dahab. And since stray animals are the most urgent problem in Dahab Animal welfare, they chose to support those. At first the idea was only to have a financial contribution to the stray animal problem by donating 10% of the rental income of their holiday apartments to the cause. But when talking to the volunteers of Animal Welfare Dahab, they got enthusiastic to do more then just contribute money.

So first of all from renting their apartments ( throught the foundation webpage, 10% is donated to Stray Foundation in Dahab / Animal Welfare Dahab with the aim to help reduce stray population in a humane and sustainable way. They started the foundation for Stray Animals in Dahab (Stichting Zwerfdieren in Dahab) in their home country, The Netherlands, to support with TNR projects, idea’s for general welfare for stray animals, the clinic and off course by raising money for this cause.

A foundation was started and dedicated volunteer boardmembers were found in december 2012. Boardmembers visit Dahab about 7-8 times per year, at their own expense, to start local projects, support running projects and discuss with all stakeholders in Dahab. Their work for the foundation is completely voluntarily.

The Foundation is run entirely by volunteers, we have no ads, no offices or salaries so that the available funds are fully spent on the projects. Our dream is for all Dahab strays within 10 years to enjoy, like all the tourists and locals, the paradise of Dahab in a safe way.
Want to help? Your contribution, large or small, is very welcome.