DSC03569_800x533The Foundation for Stray Animals in Dahab is committed to a worthy existence for (stray) animals in Dahab. It is our dream that all animals in Dahab, living in homes or on the streets, enjoying a good life in relative peace and security.To start realising our dream, together with the local volunteer organization Animal Welfare Dahab, we will start TNR projects on a larger scale, to extent reduction of the stray animal population and thus improve animal welfare.

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Stray Animal Shelter/Clinic, futureplan
To secure large scale structural TNR projects in a safe and animalfriendly way, build awareness and give advise on animal related issues, our plan is to open a clinic for stray animals found in Dahab.

In this clinic, the implementation of the TNR actions and vaccinations can be done in a secure way. We would have room for groups of volunteering Vets visiting Dahab to help on our TNR project. And safe storage for all the neccesary medicines, instruments and vaccins. But most of all we could realise good aftercare for the animals that are sterilised or castrated. We can invite veterinarians in training to support the many sterilisations that need to be done. And above all, we have a safe place for the animals. They can sleep in the clinic and recover from the surgery before they are put back in their pack on the street. Sick or debilitated animals, that cannot be replaced into their packs in the street, can be treated and repositioned.

The volunteers from the clinic can provide information to government, local people and tourists about their work, and the care of animals in general. Also, the clinic can operate as an emergency hospital for wounded or sick / poisoned animals.

Setting up the clinic is a big dream and it will boost the work for the strays tremendously. It seems very expensive and yet the amount that is needed (in a country like Egypt) to start and support such a clinic in the first 3-5 years running (construction phase) would be around 25,000 euros. That would be feasible, we hope!

Any support in making our dream come true and making thousands of stray animals enjoy their life, is highly appreciated.

Stray Foundation in Dahab is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands under number 56669593 and is classified by the IRS as ANBI Foundation. This indicates that Dutch citizins and organisation could apply for tax deduction on donations to our foundation.Stray animal foundation Dahab is also connected to “Geef Gratis”Foundation who can handle any online donations secure and free of charge and to Stray Animal Foundation Platform where we can exchange knowledge and experience with other stray animal foundations across the world.

Our foundation is associated with the dutch Charity platform Geefgratis and Stray Animal Platform Foundation.