Our Foundation is small and flexible. It has a board consisting of volunteers, all with their own expertice, either in Animal Protection, Management, Egyptian matters or animals in a broader sence.
The Board consists of the following persons:

– Michel Groenewegen, Chairman
– Job Neelen, Treasurer
– Dory Heuseveldt, Boardmember
– Michiel Cazemier, Boardmember

Our work as boardmember is unpaid but yet very rewarding. This way we ensure that all income can be spent on the animals. Of course we are, to have such initiative set up in our spare time, not only Dahab fans but also animal lovers at heart.

Job and Michel started the foundation. Besides their diving and relaxing holidays in Dahab ( 4-6 times a year) they have a strong bond with animal welfare and education around animals In The Netherlands.

Job is, in addition to his regular job in healthcare,  Coordinator of Kids for Animals, the youth wing of the Dutch Society for AnimalProtection, in the Utrecht region. He has a great experience and affinity with the provision of information to young people, the playful learning for children how to take care of and treat animals. Also on that part there is still a great challenge in Dahab.

Michel has been, in addition to his day job as an entrepreneur, for many years involved in the governance of Dutch AnimalProtection and is Chairman for the local foundation for Animal Care which includes the Animal Rescue and Ambulance, Animal Shelter ‘t Hart and Bird Sanctuary Soest.His years of managerial and marketing experience in Animal Land brings not only extensive knowledge but also an large network among animal protectors and professionals within the Netherlands.

Dory and Michiel are both animal lovers and frequent Dahab visitors. Dory is working on our administrative processes and makes all the pictures in Dahab. Michiel is focessed on the communication via our website and webshop.

Michiel has worked for a year in Dahabs Tourism industry, knowing the town and its habits very well.
In Daily life he is internet marketer and communications specialist.

Together we decide on the utilization of the available funds to projects in Dahab.